ICA Executive Board

Bill Feldman (President) -- is a US Chess Senior Tournament Director, and chess coach who coordinates the DeKalb Chess Club and the Fox Valley Chess Clubs. Bill edits the Illinois Chess Association website which was named top state affiliate website by the Chess Journalists of America in 2016. Professionally Bill has worked as a knowledge engineer developing innovative enterprise systems enhancing human capital and decision-making. Bill hopes his backgrounds in journalism, accounting, systems analysis and project management might help bring better processes to the Illinois Chess Association -- but is enough of a pragmatist to recognize that it will take the cooperation of many for the ICA's potential to be realized. Bill directed at the US Open in 2016 where he also served as a delegate to the US Chess business meetings (as well as in 2013), and was co-organizer of the 2017 US Amateur Team North tournament which garnered record attendance. He created the structure of a television series -- with chess themes -- which has been sold to the "industry" and is considered to be in "pre-development" -- meaning "don't hold your breath that it will ever get made".

Kevin Taylor (Metro VP) is a coder and entrepreneur who lives in the Chicagoland area, where he makes things out of words, bytes, scarce resources, and even flour, water, salt and yeast. As an entrepreneur and investor, Kevin has so far had two successful exits. In 2011 Obtiva was acquired by Groupon and in 2014 MadMimi was acquired by GoDaddy. As a CEO, Kevin has earned several awards. In 2010, he was nominated for "CEO of the Year" by the Illinois Technology Association. Also, in 2010 and 2011 Obtiva was named to the Inc 5000 list of the country's fastest growing private companies, growing 99% and 142% over a 3 year period, respectively. As an educator, in 2011 Kevin was awarded a Coleman Fellowship by the Kaufman Foundation for innovation in teaching entrepreneurship. As a chess player, Kevin is an active class player and loves playing over the board chess. He has played hundreds of tournament games since 2013, including at the US Open and World Open. He is a member of the St. Charles Chess Club and is active on chess.com, where he writes about his chess improvement journey: https://www.chess.com/blog/kevinptaylor

Patrick Cohen (Downstate VP)

David Rockwell (Treasurer)

Stephen Plotnick (Secretary)

Directors At Large

D. Scott Daniels (Director of Warren Junior Program) has worked at AT&T since 2000 and is currently an Account Direct. Scott has two Masters from Ball State University, a MA in Education and a MS in Information and Communications Science. He received his undergraduate degree from Indiana University. Unlike many on the Board, Scott came to chess and ICA through his children’s (Jason and Alex) involvement in chess. Due to extensive travel across the state, Scott started to know the local, State, and national groups. In 2011, he joined the Bloomington Normal Area Scholastic Chess (BNASC) organization and in 2012 was the Vice President. Recently, and through much prompting from his son’s chess Coach, and several TDs he has started playing some tournament chess. From his own account he has a long way to go to meet the level of the many scholastic players he normally interacts with let alone his own son, but is looking forward to trying. Scott is married to Suwada (Su), they live in Normal, IL and have three children Jason, Alex, and Samantha.

Paul Carey

Eva Harrison

Jeff Yamsumoto

One downstate board position currently open