Volunteeers Sought for ICA Bid Committee


Have you been a few tournaments and pondered how all the pieces have come together, from the amount of awards to the size of the playing hall to the availability of places to sit between rounds? The entry fees? The number of tournament directors -- and their experience levels?

No detail goes unexamined!  All these and more are discussed by the ICA's Bid Committee when they are asked to evaluate competitive bids for various ICA events.

Have you attended an ICA K-8 (usually in March) and/or the ICA All-Grade (usually in November)? What about the Illinois Open or Illinois Class?

A lot of work -- and at least a modicum of wisdom based on prior events -- goes into the planning and execution of these events.

The ICA needs a diverse cross-section of tournament "stakeholders" to consider bids for various events -- and these committee members will also have a chance to be part of the discussion as the ICA seeks to update the bid guidelines in the second quarter of 2017.

Those guidelines are posted here.

There is no specific deadline -- we're always looking for good volunteers -- but the sooner you apply, the more likely your appointment can be formalized in order to participate in some pending discussions.

Historically all exchanges have been done by email and the workload over the course of a year is pretty light. However, for the few times a year when a bid is under consideration, daily email access is a necessity.

Please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..