ICA Membership Coordinator Carl Dolson Thankful For Rapid Off-Duty Policeman's Medical Attention; ICA Is Grateful Too!


Chess teaches us about the coordination of pieces and the need to respond to threats quickly.

Former ICA President, Treasurer and current Membership Coordinator Carl Dolson is living testimony to how those principles are vital in life away from the board.

Mr. Dolson posts on his Facbeook page:  "I'm the luckiest guy on earth right now."

"Thursday morning, while driving to a doctor's appointment, I passed out at a stop light with heart failure."

Dolson continues: "As I've been told, an off-duty Brownsburg police officer was nearby, and pulled me from the car to begin CPR until EMTs could arrive. They shocked me twice on the ground and once in the ambulance on my way to the hospital."

He's relying on the reports from others to piece it all together: "I don't remember anything (for those few days)."

Mr. Dolson relocated to Indiana last year to be closer to the grandchildren -- who I'm sure are happy to have grandpa nearby.

The ICA is also grateful for the rescue -- as is Mr. Dolson: "I thank God for the quick action of the Brownsburg Police Dept. and Brownsburg Fire Station 131 for saving my life, and for the care of the doctors and nurses at IU West Hospital in Avon."

Speedy recovery, Carl!