2017 Illinois Open Hits FIDE October Ratings


Those asking organizers when the Illinois Open will be rated by FIDE now have their answer!

http://ratings.fide.com/tournament_report.phtml?event16=166462&t= is the magic link providing the complete roster of those achieving FIDE differentials.

Marissa Li holds the distinction of the highest FIDE-rating improvement from the event with 85.6. Marissa won three of her five ratable games, climbing to 2110.

Jack Curcio grew his FIDE rating 57.6 points to 2161 while Wisconsin's Ritika Pandey bumped hers 50.0 points to 1923.

Five Illinois juniors, Ricky Wang, Akhil Kalghatgi, Roger Li, Edward Zhang and Natalie Wisniowski, all enhanced their FIDE rating more than 40 points.

All totalled 26 players enhanced their FIDE ratings ten points or more from the 2017 Illinois Open which was completed September 4. Despite the early in the month submission to US Chess who then submits to FIDE, the event is categorized with "October" results.