ICA Hosts Organizer Workshop With Tim Just (and Friends)


In conjuction with the 2017 Illinois Open held at the Crowne Plaza in Northbrook, the Illinois Chess Association hosted an underpublized "organizer's workshop" with a trio of experienced organizers in attendance: Tim Just, Wayne Clark and Glenn Panner. The one-hour session was held September 2.

Relative organizing newcomer John Porter is making a name for himself with Chicago Chess Iniative and the recent Chicago Cup. Mr. Porter attended the workshop and submitted this to the ICA website:

Organizing chess events is a science!

While the 2017 ILLINOIS OPEN was a great success with over 200 players participating for cash and prizes, it was also a great tournament to learn from some of the best people related to organizing chess events!

As most of you know we have several grandmasters and international masters in our state who are always eager to participate in our events. With lots of strong tournaments using mostly FIDE rules,  players and organizers alike should be aware of what it takes to give great tournaments, and the rules you need to know to play!

Tim Just and Wayne Clark discussed chess rules, organizing and a host of other chess-related issues and concerns for those in attendance. The session allowed me a chance to really get a better understanding of certain dynamics that you must know when hosting an event!

Three books that I would highly recommend for the tournament organizer and chess player are:

  • 6th Edition of the Official Rules of Chess
  • My Opponent is Eating a Doughnut
  • Just Law

The discussion took place at 10:00 am on saturday and lasted to 12:00 pm right at the start of the three day. I am much more educated and have a better understanding of some of the particulars in giving tournaments now than before and really appreciate the knowledge these gentlemen shared during this early morning 2 hour period.

Towards the end we also got some very good insight from Glenn Panner who gave excellent examples of tournament venues, the relationships between organizers and hotels, and also chimed in on the future of organizing events big and small.

The ICA is thinking about doing more informational sessions like this so shoot a message to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have suggestions.

 Hope to see everyone at the next chess event coming to a town near you :-)