[Editor's Note: the article has now been updated to include team results which were posted November 15. See below.] 

The Lutfiyya brothers took sibling rivalry to new heights at the 2017 Illinois All-Grade Championships, held November 11 at the Peoria Civic Center.

Pre-schooler Ren and First-grader Hudson both posted perfect 5.0's in the "Lower Primary" section (Grades K-1). 19 competed in the youngest division.

Ren benefited from a first-round bye but both finished two full-points ahead of an eight-way tie for third with 3.0 scores, with the Lutfiyya's earning a rare family state co-championship. 

Anshul Shetty followed up on his 2017 Illinois K-1 Championship (and tied-for-third National K-1 finish) with the lone perfect 5.0/5 score in the 2nd Grade section. 

Also among second graders, Jackson Caruso and Eliot Ash both finished with 4.0's, tying for second place with 30 players competing.

A four-way tie for fourth place (3.5) included Colin Wicks, Nandini Prakash, Pragyan Misra and and Evan Huang. 

(Editor's Note: Coincidentally, Ren, Hudson, Anshul, Jackson and Nandini all compete Tuesdays at the ICA-affiliated Fox Valley Chess Club in Aurora.)

Mohit Bayyarapu was the lone 5.0/5 among 3rd Graders. Michael Li, Adarsh Girish and Liam Murray all finished tied for second place with 4.0's. 35 were entered in the section.

Chicago's Dimitrios Deligiannis was the sole perfect 5.0 in the Grade 4, ahead of a a five-pack of 4.0 scores. 37 played in the section.

Wheaton's William Cahill added to his array of state championships winning the 36-entry Fifth Grade section with a 5.0. Brothers Vikram and Adi Oberai were among the five-pack of second place ties (4.0) which also included Zalan Gyorgy, Sadkrith Malladi, and Kaashish Venkataramanan.

Jonah Chen took 6th Grade with a perfect 4.0/4 score (Junior High and High Schoolers played a slower time control, only allowing for four games in the one-day event). Advait Vijay took second (3.5) ahead of a seven-way tie for third place (3.0). Like 5th Grade, 36 also played in the Grade 6 division.

Deepak Salian managed to draw both Nicholas Ladan and Ved Kommalapati in 7th Grade competition -- but Nicholas and Ved wound up tied for top honors with 3.5/4. With his 3.0, Deepak tied for third with Anusha Nadkarni and Adithya Sathyamurthy. 33 faced off in the division.

Bloomington-Normal area's Jacob Davis was the outright winner of the Grade 8 section with 4.0. Sujay Prakash, Humza Khan, Rohit Kartha and Joyce Li all tied for second place with 3.0/4's. 16 competed for top Eighth Grade honors.

In the 25-player high school section Harry Heller and Joseph Kessinger both were perfect with 4.0's. Four players tied for third place with 3.0's.

Jeffrey Smith served as the Chief TD. This version of the annual event was organized by the Greater Peoria Chess Foundation  / Federation on behalf of the ICA.

Crosstables are posted here in ratings order. Trophies were awarded in tiebreak order which were not originally posted by the organizer. 

* * *

The ICA Congratulates all the All-Grade Team Winners:

Grade K: No trophy awarded (only four entries - combined with Grade 1)

Grade 1: Beaubien Elementary of Chicago

Grade 2: Steck Elementary of Aurora

Grade 3: Glen Grove Elementary of Glenview

Grade 4: Beaubien Elementary of Chicago and Skinner North of Chicago, both with 9.5 (Beaubien earned the higher tiebreak)

Grade 5: River Valley Elementary of Lemont

Grade 6: Evans Jr. High of Bloomington

Grade 7: Chiddix Jr. High of Normal

Grade 8: Dunlap Middle School