Skinner North Wins K-2, 3-4 at May YCFC-CCF Tournament; Harry Heller Wins Advanced; 234 Enjoy Nobel Hospitality


The Youth Chess Foundation of Chicago wrapped up its six event season with a 234 player tournament May 20 at Alfred Nobel Elementary on Chicago's north side. There were four Novice sections and an Advanced with a rich array of trophies awarded.

Harry Heller was once again a perfect five-for-five to take clear first place in the Advanced. Harry was also perfect in the prior YCFC event in April -- but lost out on the first place trophy due to tiebreaks -- to his younger brother of all people!

Skinner North managed to win two of the Novice section team trophies: K-2 and 3-4 with Lenart (5-6) and host Nobel (7-8) winning the other two.

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Question of the Day: Have You Always Wanted to Be a TD?


Have you wondered what the crazy letters "TD" stands for?  (Sorry, in this context, I don't mean touchdown!)

Have you laid awake at night pondering how those people who resolve disputes and keep things moving along at chess tournaments got their clearly high paying and powerful jobs?

Well, I'm sure each and every TD has their own answer to that question but it's never too late to get started in this exciting and rewarding "career" (although if you actually begin to think of it as a vocation instead of a hobby, you probably need some career advice).

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Land of Lincoln Wins 11 Individual and Three Team Awards in K-12 Championship Section at 2017 SuperNationals VI


In the K-12 Championship division, the very best section of SuperNationals VI concluded May 14, Illinois won 11 individual trophies and three team awards.

Alex Bian, Matthew Stevens and Marissa Li all posted 5.0's, tying for 18th place. Alex received the 19th place trophy while Matthew and Marissa nabbed "tied for 25th" hardware.

Whitney Young (Chicago) earned the 14th place team trophy while New Trier (Winnetka) nabbed 15th place and Naperville North earned 17th.

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Normal's Munaganuri Wins K-1 U500; Illinois Nabs Top Four in K-12 Unrated, Co-Champs: Schiffner, Bundy, Murphy; Colene Hoose Wins Top K-5 U900 Team


Vamsi Munaganuri of Colene Hoose in Normal managed one of the few 7-for-7 tallies at SuperNationals VI, completed May 14 in Nashville, TN. Coming into the national event, Vamsi had a rating in the 300's but that didn't deter him from winning the K-1 Under 500's.

In that same section, Lucas Means and Alex Andrade, both with 5.0's nabbed trophies tying for 16th place, leading Avery Coonley to the third place team trophy. Amaira Mittal (4.5) and Jack Murphy contributed to the excellent ACS score.

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Dimitar Mardov Wins K-3's at '17 SuperNationals; Aydin Turgut & Ricky Wang Tie For 2nd in K-8's; Jacob Furfine Ties for 3rd in K-9's, Anshul Shetty Ties for 3rd in K-1's


With six wins and a sixth-round draw, Dimitar Mardov has secured the National K-3 Championship at SuperNationals VI. New York's Liam Putnam also finished with 6.5, but Dimitar posted the superior tiebreak to earn the sizeable championship trophy.

Dimitar raised his rating to 2014 to achieve "Candidate Master" (Expert) status.

Dimitar's father, Andon, wrote to the ICA after the event noting that his son received some much appreciated help from GM Mitkov preparing against the two experts faced in Rounds Six and Seven. (The grandmaster's own son was playing at SuperNationals).

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ICA Recognizes, Applauds Chess Moms on Their Special Day


It's been over a decade since I lost my own mother, but the Illinois chess community has in many ways been a second mother to me. The support of many has gotten me through the loss of my father within the past year, and I'm humbled with appreciation.

I've often wondered where chess would be without the chess moms out there who wait patiently for their little bundles of joy to emerge from the tournament room. Long before the tell-tale thumbs up or down is flashed for the benefit of others, these chess moms can tell by the way their sons or daughters carry themselves what the result at the board has been.

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Notes From Nashville: The Diary of a Chicago Chess Coach


Chicago Public School teacher and Newton Bateman Elementary Chess Coach Adam Geisler has been kind enough to share his "coaches notebook" from Nashville, TN where his team is competing in SuperNationals VI. Over 90 Illinois schools are competing and the ICA would love to hear from all their coaches (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Heading into Day 1:  Bateman will have 11 players, which is our largest contingent to date for a national tournament. To prepare, we have been busy with tactics puzzles, tournament strategy and game analysis, including some gems from the recent Lozano Spring Scholastic tournament.  Here's hoping for some great results!

Heading into Day 2:  "It's not WHO you play; it's HOW you play."

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Illinois With Four Perfect Championship Section Scores Heading Into Final Day of 2017 SuperNationals in Nashville


After two days of competition, the ranks of perfection are thinning out at the 2017 SuperNationals completing today in Nashville, TN.

Aydin Turgut is one of three perfect scores in the K-8 Championship with 5.0.

Dimitar Mardov has posted one of four perfect scores in the K-3 Championship group.

Anshul Shetty and Yuvraj Chennareddy hold two of the five perfect scores in the K-1 Championship section.

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Bian, Turgut, Mardov, Wang All Tops in National Blitz; Illinois Schools Dominate K-12 Blitz Team Awards With 7 of Top 11


Illinois was well-represented in three of the four grade-sectioned blitz competitions at SuperNationals VI, held May 11. Land of Lincoln had at least one co-champion in all three.

Stevenson's Alex Bian scored 11.0/12 to tie for first in the K-12 Blitz, taking third on tiebreaks. Alex's only loss came in a split against Bryce Tiglon of Washington who finished just above Bian in tiebreaks.

New York's Nicolas Checa, the highest rated player in the event as a ninth grader, was denied a perfect score with a split against IMSA's George Li. Still, Checa managed to earn the highest tiebreak for the first place hardware in the 236 player competition.

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Kalghatgi Twins Win Third National Bughouse Championship



With a perfect 12-for-12 score, Whitney Young twins Akhil and Nikhil Kalghatgi have won the K-12 Bughouse title at 2017 SuperNationals, their third national bughouse championship!

There was a six-way tie for second place -- and a remarkable three Illinois pairs were in that mix.  

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